Feedback from Officials




I also wanted to thank you and your staff for running a great camp. I really enjoyed the camp and the things that I learned will be invaluable to my development as an official.


Thanks again.


Dear Paul,


It was a pleasure to meet you, and a rare opportunity to be coached by you and your staff. I have no doubt that the words shared this past weekend will remain with me, and continue to motivate me in improving my officiating skill. You are a class act, and your camp is outstanding. I will recommend it to all here in Baton Rouge. If possible, I will work with you to have your school held here, with the likely location being the Louisiana Hockeyplex, located in Lafayette. Their one sheet facility is worthy of such a school.

I am attaching photos taken at the outset of the camp. Please use them as you like.


Very truly yours,





Just wanted to send along a 'quick' note to say thanks. Not to ramble or anything, but as I mentioned to you, I got into officiating a lot later than most (better late than never, right?!) and have really fallen in love with all aspects of it. Also, as I mentioned to you, I started in '03 and the best thing I did was read about your camp one Sunday in the Globe and decided to attend. It was there that I truly started to learn and discover and appreciate all the subtle ins and outs of what makes a great official. When people ask how/when I got started I always reference your camp because, again, it was there that I came to understand the passion and drive of yourself and those you had as guests that this could be something special to experience at the highest levels.


Thanks again and hope to be in touch.


Have a great summer.





Thank you for visiting with us yesterday at the LV4 clinic in Syracuse. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how refreshing and motivating it was to see and hear the passion when you spoke about why we do this, why we spend so much time on the road away form our families, why we take so much criticism & abuse, etc.... I think you struck a cord with us when you explained what we (the officials) stand for and that we truly want to be in those tight spots and have all of the pressure on us to perform up too and beyond the normal standard.. I also enjoyed your stories and your insight to what it was like to be a player and official in the NHL for so many years. 


Thanks again,