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Roger from Albany, NY wrote:

    I've been watching a lot of NHL games and it seems that the referees are on the same side of the ice quite often.  I know its different but, in USA Hockey we are taught to always be on opposite sides of the ice.  Why would this be different in the NHL?




The prime directive for the Officials in the NHL is to move and position yourself so that you have the best sight lines.

Regardless of where a Referee moves to, his partner referee will adjust and flow to take up position so that he can see and be of support in case someone gets blocked or loses a sight line.

The only hard and fast rules that The NHL has is that they try to make sure that nothing gets missed. They work together as a team.

The key to the OFFICIATING TEAM succeeding is Communication and Mutual Support.

The USA Hockey Officiating Clinics and their teachings deal with all levels of Hockey. It is easier for USA to keep their prescribed system in place so that there is a STANDARD that the various levels can adapt to.

Keep working on your Officiating and especially your skating.

The ECAC and the NHL work the same style of system. Skate to where you can best see, observe the action, judge the action and then act on your judgment.

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